Hidden factors that sabotage our wellbeing

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Good nutrition, night rest and daily movement are necessary to maintain health but our environment contribute to our ill or wellbeing as well. Environmental toxins can be in the air that we breath in, the water we drink or wash ourselves with, the food containers, the product we put on our skin or our furniture.

Hidden factors that sabotage our wellbeing

Environmental toxins

  • Bisphenol A (BPA) present in plastic containers breaks down and leaches into food when the food is warm or placed in microwave or in dishwasher or when it is wrapped or bent as it gets old. Side effects include insulin resistance, affects mood and focus, alters the function of 200 genes.

To store food don`t use plastic containers. Use glass or ceramic containers with plastic lid to press the air out of food.

Don’t use plastic glasses for hot drinks.

Buy tomato paste or puree in jars and not the ones in tin or carton.


  • Environmental toxins disrupt adrenalin, estrogen, testosterone, insulin, growth hormone and thyroid. They are in the air from cars, factories, in the water, pesticides, herbicides, furniture, mattresses and carpets with chemical ingredients and colors.

Choose organic vegetables and fruits as much as possible.

Look for the sea foods with safe levels of heavy metals. Ocean or wild caught fish is the best whenever possible.

Look for cookware without PFOA, lead, cadmium and aluminum.


  • Don`t use strong cleaning detergents whether on your body, appliances, clothes or home.  Triclosan in hand sanitizers is linked to liver and kidney failure.

We inhale the chemical toxins in detergents even if they don`t come in contact with our skin and the fragrances that are added to them causes allergies. Using them regularly is definitely harmful since over time the liver can`t continue to detoxify properly, toxins accumulate in your body and can lead to lung or liver problems.

Choose detergents that have less chemicals and no fragrance.


  • Cosmetics and beauty products including lotions, deodorants, aftershaves, sprays are in direct contact with skin and used on a daily bases. They contain parabens, phthalates, lead, aluminum, triclosan, formaldehyde, hydroquinone, toluene. These chemicals cause endocrine disruption, developmental and reproductive toxicity especially in pregnant women. Choose chemical free beauty products and read the labels for the chemicals mentioned above.

Best face cream and body lotion is extra virgin coconut oil. It`s good for any skin type.

Also choose cotton sanitary pads or tampons.


Also avoid fragranced candles or air fresheners. Incense is a better option.


  • Mold outside the windows, in the garden, in the shower can cause mental and physical disorders. They can be yellow or black. Sometimes it is hidden. In this case using strong detergents is necessary to stop it from scattering. In case that it can`t be seen they are professionals that can find the hidden source and cleaning it. In addition to the danger of inhaling mold and the toxins that they produce, the mold can appear in foods like grain, corn, coffee, chocolates alcohol, peanuts. Moldy food can even cause miscarriage. 
  • Electromagnetic fields are explained separately here.

This is not being pessimist about the world around us and there is no need to feel overwhelmed. We should just be aware about them and one at a time take action to make the replacements. Thinking a bit of this or that can`t heart or since everyone is doing or if they were not safe they wouldn`t let these products on the market and waiting till side effects appear or research shows the problems is not wise. When we are exposed to toxins regularly in different ways, the safe levels will be passed. These chemicals can cause early menopause and will be stored in fat cells. Therefore it`s better to prevent the damage before its too late. The sooner the better.

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