By Dee Deep 2017-07-14

Posted By Katayoun Pakatchi on Jul 1, 2018 |

This book is a Must Read, not as much for the recipes (although Fabulous) but for the well compiled information it contains. The author does explain to purchase Palm Fruit Oil, not Palm Kernel Oil. There is a distinction. She has made several notations of what to buy and not to buy and that’s important, not only for your health, but for your pocketbook. I can easily walk out of Whole Foods or Natural Grocers and spend $200 and think, “Crap, what did I just buy?” I didn’t get that much stuff. You can easily spend a lot of money, which is why before buying new protein powders or anything, I always try to spend 59 cents to 99 cents to try the single serving sizes. YUCK!!! Sometimes I hate them and YUMM!!! Sometimes I hit a Winner and buy the big jug. But, $25 to $35 is a lot to be out, if you don’t like something. Plus, if you like it, you can always go on the internet to see if it’s on sale, free shipping or a coupon code.

The author mentions avocado oil, as one of the healthy oils. I’ve just recently started using avocado oil and have found it a great addition to the diet. Honestly, the reason I started using it, was the price of avocados rose so high, that my bag of avocados was nearing $15. NOOO!!! I was looking for a cheaper alternative and while the oil may seem expensive, it goes a long way. Soon, I was drizzling it on my veggies and making salad dressings with it. (I use avocados to lower my cholesterol)

After watching a documentary, where over 80% of the Olive Oil we purchase is NOT 100% Olive Oil, but Cheaper Oils mixed together, I’ve been more leery about purchasing it. I spoke to some people at an Italian grocery and learned that it’s next to impossible to buy true olive oil under about $18 + a bottle. It’s because it’s so incredibly expensive to make, takes so many olives, they don’t always have a good season and they come from the same areas of the world (not a large variation) So, nearly everything else gets illegally mislabeled as “Olive Oil”, “Virgin Olive Oil”, “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” Etc. That’s fine, if you don’t mind paying $6 to $15 a bottle for mixed oils that you THINK is olive oil. Just don’t expect to get the health benefits. Some brands have started labeling their olive oil as, “mixed with vegetable oils” Thank you for being honest. SHAME on the rest of you. My advice, if you really want olive oil? Go to an Italian Market or International Market, expect to pay at least $18 + and purchase from ITALY only. Then, you can be pretty sure, because Italy is pretty serious about their olive oils not being mislabeled and taking action, when they find violators. OK, I’ll get off the Olive Oil wagon. I just hate to see consumers ripped off and anytime you’re misleadingly selling something, it is a Rip Off!!

One of my favorite things to make, is my Garbanzo Bean Burgers. LOVE THEM!! The author has a recipe for Carrot and Chickpea Burgers. Well, I’ll be trying that for sure. Green Split Peas Soup with Meatballs – Got to try that too!! Walnut Stew sounds intriguing. It sounds a little odd, but actually looks pretty good. There are a lot of recipes that sound strange, but actually really look good and are full of nutrition and low cal, like Zucchini Spaghetti with Salmon. She even includes recipes for the lactose intolerant, like Gluten and Lactose Free Pizza.

I enjoyed this book and will go back to reread areas of it. I highly recommend this book for the valuable health tips and innovative recipes. Thank you for reading my review

By Dee Deep 2017-07-14