Homemade coconut milk and cream

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Coconut milk

Homemade coconut milk and cream

Nut-free and lactose-free

Coconut milk and coconut cream are good substitutes for those with dairy and nut sensitivity and intolerance. It`s much more better to make your own coconut milk without preservatives and additives like carrageenan and guard gum which can lead to gut problems.

Coconut and its products contain potassium, magnesium, protein, copper, zinc, iron and calcium and have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Coconut milk, cream, rasped and flour are nutritious alternatives for those sensitive to lactose or gluten.

Coconut water has electrolytes, vitamins and minerals and is good for immune system.

Extra virgin coconut oil is prior to other oils for frying. It is one of medium chain fatty acids which stimulates metabolism, is easily digested and does not store in the body.




  • Coconut
  • Cheese cloth


Crack the coconut open in half by back of a kitchen knife (meat cutting knife preferably) and rotate the coconut. Empty the water in a glass or bowl.


Grate the flesh in food processor.


Add a bit of warm water (not hot) on it and process it again in food processor. Less water makes a thicker and more water results in thinner cream and milk.

Half an hour later pour it into a cheese cloth over a bowl and squeeze the milk out of the flesh.


Leave the bowl for half an hour. The cream floats on the top and the milk stays under.

coconut cream

Store coconut cream and milk for 2-3 days in refrigerator


You can use the grated coconut in gluten free breads or cakes instead of flour.

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