By Grady Harp 2017-11-01

Posted By Katayoun Pakatchi on Jul 1, 2018 |

Katayoun Pakatchi has a masters degree in Translation Studies, however she discovered that her life`s purpose is in bringing awareness about health to people. Therefore she decided to study natural nutrition. She is passionate about creating and modifying recipes which nourish and feed the body for vital optimal well-being. Perhaps part of her drive to aid others in preparing healthy food was the fact that she has had lactose and gluten intolerance. She found a way around that and this book shares her many recipes, many with a Persian accent as Katayoun is Persian!

A sample of her style follows: The key to enjoy your favorite foods in a healthy way is by substituting harmful ingredients and way of preparation with beneficial ones. You can do this by creating the same texture, taste and aroma and the feeling of satisfaction at the same time. Like using fresh tangerine juice, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, fresh tangerine juice, beetroot, pumpkin, carrots, pureed banana, sweet potatoes, rasped coconut/ coconut milk or pureed apple instead of sugar in foods or desserts. You could also use dried fruits which are dried under the sun without added oil, salt, sugar or sulfide.’ And after a brief but compact course of teaching she opens her cookbook. The following recipes are contained in the book:

Sponge cake with marzipan (without gluten or lactose), Chocolate nuts cake (lactose free and simple), Velvet chocolate cake (without artificial coloring, sugar or lactose), Pure homemade nutritious chocolates (without sugar or lactose), Raw sugar-free Snowy energy balls (without lactose or gluten), Energy bars (lactose free), Raw orange pistachio dates (gluten- and lactose-free), Pure orange jelly (simple & home-made), Coffee panna cotta in chocolate molds, Tropical Cake (without lactose), Fruit sorbet (without lactose), Mango jelly (simple and without additives), Parfait, Baslogh (without gluten, sugar, lactose or cooking), Banana cake (lactose free), Pumpkin cake (lactose & sugar free), Chocolate orange cake (without lactose or nuts), Pumpkin chocolate nut cookies (lactose free), Saffron rice Pudding (without gluten or lactose), Chocolate mousse (gluten & lactose free), Easy coconut macaroons (lactose & gluten free), Oat chocolate cookies lactose free, Apple and carrot cake and Oatmeal Pudding.

Katayoun’s manner of writing and teaching and sharing and supervising our culinary habits in this book is a reward for the sweet tooth. She has an entire series like this. Try them all. Grady Harp.

By Grady Harp 2017-11-01