How to reduce stress

Posted By Katayoun Pakatchi on Nov 29, 2015 | 0 comments

Of course everyone at any age can be exposed to some degree of stress. At different time we respond or react differently to stress in our lives.

Stress can cause health problems and disorders which over time if not handled well can lead to diseases and illness. That is what we hear from our doctor too that we need to reduce our stress. There are different ways to do that and each individual prefers a different approach.

  • Movement specially in open air is effective in reducing stress. Even if it`s a short walk during your lunch break. Daily walks whenever you can during the day or at the end of the day is helpful. It reduces the stress and can change your mood. Yoga, tai chi, qi gong are kind of movements that help better circulation in the body and releasing stress.

Specially when you feel you need tobacco, alcohol or sugar do something physical.

  • Meditation can be as simple as practicing different deep breathing techniques.¬†

Sit in a comfortable position.

Close your left nostril with your finger. Take a deep breath for the count of five with your right nostril, hold it for 5 more counts and exhale for the count of 5. Then close your right nostril and repeat the same process. Repeat several times till you feel better. As you do this regularly you may want to do it with longer counts.

Do this any time of the day as much as you want to, in traffic, while waiting.

  • EFT or emotional freedom technique is tapping by hand on specific acupuncture points on the body to release stress:

  • Taking warm bath in general is soothing due to the calming effect of water and relaxation of muscles. Adding some epsom salt and pure essential oils to the bath makes it even more relaxing (not the bath foams).
  • Just burning incense or smelling essential oils.
  • Simply boil some water on the stove and add some vanilla, orange peels. Cinnamon, star anise for a nice aroma in the house. Especially if you need some comfort feeling and you look to gain it by eating a piece of cake or pie this is better way.

Or add some pure essential oils to the boiling water.

  • If you are interested in art dedicate some time to it or on days that you don`t have time to practice it listen to music or look at the art books or magazines or on web to inspire you and bring good feelings back to you.
  • Walk without shoes at home or in your garden in case no pesticide is used there to get grounded (earthing).
  • Every week if not every day try to be around trees, mountain, river- nature. It can be even during lunch breaks.
  • ¬†Jumping on a mini-trampoline increase the lymph flow and change your mood as well.

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